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Kick Cancer In The Can® – Now! And Here’s How!

Hi there! Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™, and 5-time cancer survivor who is a 25+ year “THRIVER”, here. And I bet you’re here because you’ve been diagnosed with cancer! Or someone you love has!

Well, don’t waste another minute! 3-Part Total Health

First Essential Step: Get my FREE 3-Part “Starter” Toolkit: 1) Back to Basics Nutrition & Lifestyle (mp3) ~~ 2) Immune-Generating Recipes ~~ 3) “5 Keys to Unlimited Energy” Pyramid of E.N.E.R.G.Y.™ ~~ Just add your name and email to the box up there to the right of this page. And you’ll also receive the updates and info on our Kick Cancer In The Can™ Expert Interview Series! How does it get any bettter than that?

Now here’s the second step…please allow me to ask you a few questions…

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer?

Have you reached the last straw with complicated, expensive, time-consuming, difficult to implement, challenging to follow-through with, cancer treatments?

Have fatigue, anxiety and fear gotten the better of you?

Are you ready to take charge of your health and conquer this darned cancer? 

Whether you’re the patient or the caregiver, have you reached a point of no return and just don’t know where to turn next? 

Or do you just need a quick tip or strategy to get yourself out of a negative slump or rut, something quick and easy to help you get re-balanced, re-energized, re-focused, and emotionally uplifted – ASAP? 

Well, as the founder and CEO of Vibrant Health Academy Unlimited, and the creator of the unique and comprehensive Kick Cancer In The Can™ Total Health Toolkits – both an online home study program plus 3 in-depth one-on-one personalized cancer care mentoring programs – I have a lot of great systems and strategies to share with you – TODAY!

More GREAT NEWS! My 5-Step Total Health Toolkits for preventing and overcoming cancer – and moving you quickly from “just surviving” to passionatley, energetically, enthusiastically and joyfully THRIVING – are chalk full of LOVE, COMPASSION & SIMPLE, QUICK, and EASY TO IMPLEMENT, TOOLS, TIPS and STRATEGIES!

A 5-time cancer survivor myself in the ’80′s, given little to no time, today I’m a specialist in stress and crisis management, including and most importantly, cancer! My patients and clients call me The Vitality Doctor™ and the Master of 5-minute healthy strategies that anyone can do anywhere anytime. My Kick Cancer In The Can® Total Health Toolkits are the ultimate and only programs you will ever need for creating your healthiest self possible easily, quickly and with as little effort as possible! How do I know this? Because it is the program that saved my life 23 years ago – and has saved many hundreds of lives since then.

“If it were not for the outstanding program and counsel of Dr Marilyn, I do not think I would have survived. She is a life-saver! I highly recommend her programs and services because she really delivers more than money can buy.”  ~Jenny Redding, Language Professor, California

My passion is to clearly and compassionately present all of this information in a unique and memorable 5-Step Formula, encompassing all aspects of healthy living: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And I know you’re going to love the fact that all of the strategies, tips, tools, ideas, recipes, and recommendations I teach are really simple, very quick, so easy a kid can do them – and LOTS OF FUN! And let’s just say, everything in the program makes complete sense.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out now, and let’s get started ASAP creating a new and healthy you by clicking here.